Palclad Pro wall lining system


PALCLAD™ Pro is a cladding system consisting of rigid PVC panels that offers a full wall finish, creates an antibacterial interior environment and is chemically resistant. Its hygienic, flame retardant and resistance to impact and mechanical damage makes it an ideal material for healthcare, food, school or public spaces.

Digital printing

PALCLAD™ Pro is only 2 mm thick, which makes it easy and quick to handle not only when tiling large areas, but also in hard-to-reach spaces. Its textured surface is offered in a wide range of colours and is suitable for digital printing applications using custom graphic designs. Thanks to our large format UV printer, we can personalise and make any tiled interior visually appealing.

Colour palette


Each implementation is preceded by a survey of the actual state of the interior and the determination of an appropriate workflow, which may include interior design. Subsequently, the panel tiles are prepared to size by formatting, milling or graphic design is printed on the individual panels. The paneling thus prepared is delivered and installed according to the pre-agreed visual design.